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I am a complete beginner.  Is that ok?

I work with all levels.  Absolutely everyone is welcome.  We always start with the basics and I always tailor your program to you personally.  And from there we will build. 

How is GlowFit different from a regular gym?

GlowFit is not a regular commercial gym.  GlowFit is a private fitness studio used purely for personal training.  This means that you will be using the facilities privately during your sessions, having access to all equipment for the duration of your training.  

Do I need a gym membership for a training plan / online training?

No, you do not need a gym membership.  I can write your training program based on whatever equipment you have available.  

Do you charge extra for nutrition guidance?

There are multiple ways to include nutrition guidance in the services you choose.  When you train with me on a personal training in-studio basis for a minimum of two sessions per week, your nutrition is included in the training price.  You can also do nutrition guidance on a completely separate basis, excluding training, in which case there is a separate charge.  Online monthly training also includes nutrition. 

Do I have to track calories when working with you?

You can most definitely do the training without any nutrition changes, HOWEVER, from experience I can tell you that very little physical change will come from training only.  Initially you might see some changes, but they will be limited and will stall at some point.  Tracking calories will speed up your progress immensely if you have aesthetic goals.  It is by far the most effective way to control calorie intake and ensure that you eat AS MUCH as you can while making progress.  Yes.... I did say eat as much as you can!!  I believe in balanced eating, and eating enough while still making progress.  The aim is always to maintain a healthy relationship with food, and tracking calories will allow you to still eat the foods you love and enjoy, while keeping everything within healthy limits. 


What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

Nothing does the job like some dumbbells.  I always recommend to have a light, medium and heavy pair.  This will allow you to do a broad range of exercises.  Some other great additions would be an exercise ball and resistance bands/loops.  However, a bigger range of dumbbells are always top priority.  For those who worked up to heavy loads, a barbell and some weight plates would be fantastic.  All of this will depend on your strength level, budget and home gym space.  I am happy to make personal recommendations. 

Why should I do weight training?

Weight/strength training is known as "the fountain of youth", and there is a very good reason for that.  Apart from the obvious aesthetic benefits, strength training benefits EVERYONE at EVERY age.  Strength training increases muscle mass which in turn will keep us strong as we age.  It's a great way to increase bone density, which is specifically important for women.  If done correctly, strength training will aid in healthy joint function.  All of the above mentioned points are important to maintain good quality of life as we age.  This also includes improvement in balance, posture, mobility and coordination.  Lastly, strength training also has cardiovascular benefits - it really does get your heart rate up.  Winning all the way!

Do you have recipe ideas?

I am no chef or recipe developer, but I am always happy to share good recipes I find along the way.  Sometimes I adjust them a little bit to make them lower calorie or fit into my own calorie requirements.  Click here for some ideas.

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